We listened to you and we are improving patient care

At Blue House Surgery we carried out a patient survey (the Practice Accreditation and Improvement Survey) and asked for your honest opinions on the service we provide. We listened to your concerns and have taken the following actions in order to make improvements to patient care where you feel it would be most useful:

Here are some of your concerns and the actions we are taking to improve patient care

Concerns about waiting times:

  • we will strive to inform patients of the estimated waiting times

  • we offer to ring you nearer the time

  • we try to leave appointments blank for emergencies

  • we will triage each appointment as to type & urgency - this will require the receptionist to ask a series of questions

Comfort of waiting room & consulting rooms:

  • we are looking into extending waiting room

  • we have already turned an old consult room into a new treatment room

Lack of telephone access to your doctor:

Reception cannot automatically transfer patient calls to doctors. Messages are emailed to the doctor who then decides to either ring the patient or for reception to ring with a message.


If reception feels it is an urgent matter, you will be put on hold whilst the doctor is spoken to. All patients who have what is determined to be an emergency will be dealt with immediately

Our serivce is doing well and received a 97% rating on our survey

Thank you! We hope we can continue to provide you with excellent service.